First Parent University Night

Our first Parent University Night was last Tuesday! 


We really didn’t know what to expect.  Our desire to connect with parents and communicate issues as we are traversing this 1:1 pilot program for our district is our greatest aim.  By sending home surveys, the interests of the parents were taken into consideration for the first parent night.


Some parents voiced their concerns about students always being on their iPads.  The parents didn’t know when to say, “That’s not school work; give me your iPad.”  At the meeting, our principal suggested some helpful hints.

  1. Teenagers need limits. 
  2. By requiring a common location for iPad use, parents are able to keep an eye on their child to help with any assignments and to keep them on task.
  3. Double click the home button.  Parents were prompted to check to see what apps their child is currently on and which ones they have been on recently.


One of the lessons we have learned thus far has been the need to give students organizational skills, not only in their binders, but also on their iPads.  At one of our iPad meetings, the teachers chose an organizational format that we feel will help students with time management and with remaining focused on the iPad’s function as an educational tool. 



Thanks for reading as we crawl into our iPad program.  Please send me comments, suggestions, and praise.